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Mother Superior Caught

The Mother Superior of the Convent awoke in a particularly happy mood, dressed and set off to visit her flock at their labours. The first nun she came to was Sister Theresa.

“Good morning Sister, God bless you. Are you happy at your work?” “Yes indeed, Reverend Mother, but I’m sorry to see that you got out of bed on the wrong side this morning.”

This remark distressed the Reverend Mother, but she decided to ignore it, and passed on to where another nun was busy at her task…..

“Good morning, Sister Bridgid, are you pleased with yourself on this lovely day?” “Indded I am Reverend Mother, everything’s all right with me, but it’s a pity you got out of bed on the wrong side today.”

The Mother superior moved on to where a little novice was working….

“Before I wish you God’s blessing and a happy day, little Sister, tell me something – ‘Do you get the impression I must have got out of bed on the wrong side today?’”

The nun blushed, hesitated, and said: “I’m afraid so, Reverend Mother.” “And in the name of the holy Church, why do you all say that – am I not as happy as a songbird, and pleasant to you all?”

“Yes, indeed Mother, but you see, er, but you see, you’re wearing Father O’Connor’s house slippers.”

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