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Army Wives : To Die for your Country

3 SAS recruits finally reach the end of their training, and are confronted by their drill instructor, who says to them, “Men, would you die for your country?”

And to this they all immediately reply, “Sir, yes, sir!”

The instructor then asks, “Men would you kill for your country?”

The squaddies give the same reply.

Next, the drill instructor asks the men, “Would you kill your wives for your country?”

Again, the same answer.

As a response to this, the drill instructor tells the men that their wives are waiting in separate rooms behind them, and that in turn they must go and shoot their wives, to prove their loyalty to the country.

The drill instructor hands a gun to the first recruit, who goes white and runs out of the room, passing the gun to recruit number 2. This time the recruit stares at the gun for a few minutes, but he too goes white, passes the gun to the next recruit, and runs away.

However, the third recruit grabs the gun eagerly, and runs into the room containing his wife, where he remains for a few minutes. During this time, the drill instructor hears a loud bang from the gun, followed by a series of muffled thuds.

When the recruit finally emerges, the drill instructor asks him what just happened. In response the recruit answers,

“Well, I went into the room, and shot my wife as ordered. But it turned out that the gun only had blanks in it, so I had to beat her to death with the chair instead.”

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