A Leprechaun's Two Wishes Granted

An drunk Irishman was sitting at a bar when suddenly at the other end of the bar appeared a leprechaun. The Irishman caught the leprechaun's eye and the leprechaun came to sit beside him.

"Sure enough, as you have caught my eye," said the leprechaun, "you can have two wishes."

"First of all," says the Irishman, "I'd be having a bottle of Guinness that is never empty."

The barman comes over and gives the Irishman a bottle of Guinness. He drinks from it, and when he puts it down it fills up again. So he drinks the lot in one, and again it fills up.

"And for your second wish?" enquires the Leprechaun.

"That's brilliant!" retorts the Irishman, "I'd like another one."

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