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Life’s Ups and Downs for a Prawn

Once upon a time there was a prawn called Steve. He wasn’t a happy prawn so he went to his mate Christian for advice.

“Christian”, he said, “I’m fed up with being a prawn, any ideas what I can do, I’m stuck in a rut.”

So Christian said “Why don’t you go and see Neptune, Goddess of the sea? She might be able to do something for you.”

So off he went, and told Neptune his problem, and she said “Well, it isn’t normal procedure but if you are really desperate I’ll turn you into a crab.”

So he had the operation, but after a few weeks he realised he wasn’t happy – being caught in rockpools etc. So he went back to Neptune and implored her to return him to his previous state. She wasn’t happy but she relented and turned him back into a prawn.

So off he swam, and went off to see his friends. He bumped into Christian who said “Hang on a minute Steve, I thought you were off being a crab.”

So Steve said, “Well I was a crab, but now I’m a prawn again Christian”.

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