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Paper Bag Health

A paper bag goes to the doctor and complains of feeling really ill. The doctor does a lot of tests and tells the paper bag to come back next week for the results.

The following week the paper bag is extremely distressed to be told by his doctor that he has Hepatitis B.

“But how can this be,” he cries, “I’m only a paper bag”.

“Well, er, have you had unprotected sex in the last year?”, asks the doctor.

“No, how can I??” he shouts, “I’m only a paper bag.”

“How about sharing needles, giving blood, anything like that?”

“I’ve said to you before,” the paper bag sobs, “How can I? I’m only a paper bag.”

“Ahhhh,” says the doctor shaking his head sadly, “As I suspected – your mother must have been a carrier.”

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