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  • Random Joke Page
  • A Big List of One Liners
  • Adult
    These are X rated, unlike the risque jokes. You may have to be grown up to get them, and they include rude words.
  • Blonde
    Blonde jokes based around the stereotype that blondes just aren’t totally on the ball.
  • Christmas
    The legend and customs around Christmas mean that jokes are part of it.
  • Classic
    Nothing like classic jokes, none of them are too rude and they’re all good stories.
  • Computer
    The geeks out there on the web have a lot of material for jokes, and some of it is (of course) against Microsoft or other major software corporations.
  • Corporate
    The workplace. A place where you can get bored, and think of ways to send up your colleagues.
  • Historical Event
    Jokes based around historical events, usually disasters. Quite often make the rounds shortly after a major event and can get a bit dated quickly.
  • Irish
    Another stereotype that the Irish (in jokes) are invariably a bit thick in the head, but some play on Irish charm too.
  • Limericks
    Comedic poems, usually with a set rhyming scheme, for your perusal here.
  • Lists
    It’s a list, it’s funny, it’s here.
  • Marriage
    Once man and woman are together for a long time, or as part of the ritual of weddings, much humour can be derived.
  • Morals
    Do you love a joke that ends with a “moral of the story”? They’re here.
  • Pun
    I can’t guarantee that puns can’t be found elsewhere, but here are jokes that rely entirely on puns, and some are groaners.
  • Risque
    Risque jokes are the ones that are naughty when you’ve got a dirty mind, or they have a sense of double entendre.
  • Sexist
    Jokes based around the eternal man vs woman comparisons. They don’t all land on the side of men here, I try to keep a balance. Twinned with the marriage category.
  • Society
    Society jokes play on national stereotypes, local stereotypes, and mispronunciation that certain accents give rise to mirth.
  • True Stories
    Alleged tales that are from true stories, but hilarious.

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