Strange Legal and Fraud Happenings

1994 -- In January and February, Oklahoma City police turned up several motorists who had purchased automobile liability insurance coverage under "God's Insurance Policy." The salesmen had convinced the customers that such coverage would comply with Oklahoma's mandatory-insurance law, even though the $285 policy contained mostly text from the Bible, stated that it was "issued by the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost," and reasoned that since it was "fear" that caused accidents, the policy would protect its purchasers even better than commercial insurance would.

1996 -- In October, a jury in Tucson, Ariz., found Robert Joseph Moody, 36, guilty of the 1993 murders of two women despite his claim made while acting as his own attorney that space aliens made him commit the crimes. Moody said, "I know it sounds crazy," but said that the aliens promised Moody they would raise him from the dead in the event he were executed. Before the trial, the judge had scratched several UFO experts from Moody's witness list, as well as Barry Goldwater and presidents Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford.

1991 -- In Hull, England, Judge Arthur Myerson was in trouble with protestors after rejecting a life sentence for rapist Brian David Huntley in March and giving him three years instead. Myerson said the lesser sentence was because Huntley "showed concern and consideration by wearing a contraceptive".

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