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Auction Funk is a blog that I have just discovered via Blog Explosion, a site that allows you to surf other blogs in the network and earn credit for people to come to surf your blog. For each blog that you visit, you earn credit towards visits to your blog. Feel free to say hello if you have come in from Blog Explosion.

The concept is of Auction Funk is simple : find stuff that has sold in auctions for high prices, but that seems rather like junk. What is interesting about this particular blog is the work that goes into the research behind each selected item. The blog author reads up on the value of similar items and links to other sites. They don’t just find an interesting item that sold for a high price, but they find something to say about it, and say it well. I hope it keeps up a regular level of posting.

One item on the site is an Apple II computer board. Not the original Apple, but the one that followed soon afterwards. Home computing was rather a hobbyist’s pursuit at the time, and you had to buy separate components and build your own machine. That board was pretty much all you got from Apple. These items are very valuable because they’re rare and they represent part of history especially for Apple fans who form rather a cult group (at least the hardcore fans).

Part of the mystique of Apple is that they got beaten by Microsoft Windows even with a massive head start, shipping a decent GUI way before Microsoft did. Some sites however underplay the rôle of Xerox PARC – where a lot of the true innovation happened, and Apple copied from them as much as anyone else did. As for who brought the GUI to the masses, it’s between MS and Apple. Let’s say Apple got there first but MS followed swiftly behind and with rather more astute (and questionable) business practices. Rather than rehash an old story, read this page which seems to sum it up quite reasonably.


  1. AuctionFunk

    11/8/2005 at 4:15 am


    we are honored to have received such a nice review! Thank you very much and we hope you will continue to enjoy reading our postings.

    Thanks again,


  2. Cozmik Rayz

    11/8/2005 at 9:15 am

    You are sooooo right about the Apple fans! Scary lot they are, Apple must use subliminal messaging.

  3. Simon

    11/8/2005 at 9:12 pm

    AuctionFunk, you’re welcome.

    Cozmik Rayz : there are fanboys of everything, but the Apple crowd really do “Think Different”…