Between feeding our friends’ cat – 5 minutes walk away – while they’re away and making sure I look after Yasmina properly it’s not easy to get much time to write. It was a difficult weekend, I was mostly at home alone cleaning the flat, shopping and the mundane routine stuff or at hospital visiting. I brought Yasmina home on Monday morning. Luckily my boss is understanding, as his wife had a lot of pregnancy problems with their recent baby, and didn’t say anything about me arriving at work in the early afternoon.

We saw the gynecologist this morning for what was a scheduled routine scan, but became a real reassurance session. Yas is obviously stressed and it was good to have confirmation from the scan that everything is OK. She’s taking medication for contractions and it makes her really sleepy and out of breath. It’s a tough for her to keep cheerful, what with other stuff going on too. She really does need rest, which isn’t easy for such a busy personality. I’m doing my best to keep occupied around the flat, so that she can’t find anything to do :-).

It’s good news to be back together at home, even if the atmosphere is a little tense at times. I feel that recently I have become much more involved in a role preparing for fatherhood. I really want the best for Yas and I wish it wasn’t so difficult for her physically. I can only provide moral support, I hope I’m doing OK and that I can keep it up.