Spam Avalanche

I’ve been away on holiday. On my return I had over 1,000 messages waiting, most of which were blog spam. I spent a considerable amount of time cleaning all that up. So I’ve now taken steps to reduce spam on this blog by closing comments on posts older than 21 days.

Back soon with photos of the holiday.

3 Responses to “Spam Avalanche”

  1. Mum Says:

    Hurry up with those photos! Glad to hear you are back safe and sound. Hope you had a really good time.
    Love Mum

  2. Marinade Dave Says:

    I must clear out 50 Spams a day on my WordPress blog. Fortunately, Akismet catches 99% of them.

    Glad you had a nice holiday, wherever you went. How’s the little guy?

  3. Simon Says:

    Nice to see you again Dave!

    We were in Morocco, back for the first time since we left in 2003. A lot has changed!

    Little guy doing well. See latest post…