Correction : Re: Joost Dantuma takes second stage win and pulls into the lead

Official results in this morning. I miscalculated Franco’s score : he made 19 not 17 as he has Hushovd hiding at 14th in his team which I somehow failed to spot yesterday.

303(+42) Joost Dantuma (UK)
294(+30) Simon White (France)
240(+19) Francis Lee (France)
232(+25) Paul Evans (France)
52 (+0) Keir Mitchell (UK)

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  1. Joost Dantuma

    16/7/2005 at 9:33 am


    Although Simon, you may be happy to realise that he is still leading in the bonus points competition (the jammy jersey)…(11)

    Paul may have lost Boonen, but his rally chopper is still looking good.
    Maybe its not to late for Shannon to start the race and try to find Keir around stage 7.

    I just dug out the 2003 race, at stage 14 that time, Franco was 22 points behind but went on to win by 20 odd points….
    I’ll attach it. As you can see I was unemployed and stoned that year. Much too much time on my hands!

    Bob’s wedding today Boys. A moments silence perhaps…
    I’m on holiday next week, but will try and tune in every day to Simon’s excellent commentary!