Four Months!

Nathan with Grandad late January

Today Nathan turns 4 months old. Here’s a recent picture with his Grandad taken as a test with a webcam, so please excuse the quality.

I’m wondering what you call a date four months from birth. It’s not strictly an anniversary since that has a root from annus in Latin, meaning year. It’s kind of a four-month-from-birthday but I’m not sure if there is a proper grammatical way of saying that. There is a lot of debate on this topic amongst linguists (perhaps they are more correctly termed armchair internet linguists, but I could be wrong) around the invented word menseversary (from Latin mensis). So, happy fourth menseversary Nathan!

Oh, and it’s also Saint Valentine’s day too, so kisses for all you lovers out there. Let me know if suddenly some amazingly romantic thing happened to you today.


  1. Yes, Nathan – Happy fourth menseversary! I would also say Happy 3rd of an Anniversary…menseversary sounds better (?) though 3rd of an Anniversary really rolls off the tongue better ( ha).

    How’s he feeling?!

  2. Simon

    15/2/2006 at 9:56 am

    Hi Carrster!

    Nathan’s still very snotty nosed, to put it bluntly. He’s seeing a respiratory physio twice a week and is on anti-regurgitation milk. At least he’s not anywhere close to the state he was in pre-hospitalisation for bronchiolitis, so it’s not so bad.


  3. Happy one-third-of-a-birthday, Nathan…

    Nah, that doesn’t really work very well either, does it…?

    Ah well, you know the true lesson of birthdays (whether whole or merely a fraction) is: it’s the thought that counts… right? 😉

  4. Simon

    16/2/2006 at 10:12 am

    Hi Aidan,

    Maybe saying one third of an anniversary rolls a little better off the tongue, to be annotated if HTML <sup> and <sub> renders OK in your browser : 1/3 anniversary.

    It is indeed the thought that counts, I hope that Nathan is telepathic so that he can hear it counting “one, two, three, four!” :-D.