It Should be Today

Yesterday I spent a lot of time waiting with Yasmina at the hospital. She was monitored for a couple of hours in the morning and again in the afternoon but the contractions are still too far apart and not strong enough. She didn’t sleep very well and is started to get very tired of the whole thing!

Her cervix is still not dilated this morning. I expect it will be a caesarian birth, but for some reason the medical staff are still hoping to be able to induce. Perhaps they will be able to with some other type of hormonal gel but since her own gynecologist seemed to think it was likely to be a caesarian I’m prepared for that now. It’s quite stressful because the wait has been getting longer and longer.

I’m off to the hospital again now, and should return with news of the baby!


  1. I’m thinking of the three of you tons and tons. And I’ll eagerly await news that the three of you are safe and well. Eve has transformed our lives in so many different ways, it’s not been without tears and frustrations but she’s six weeks old now and smiling to melt your heart. Just take your time over the next six weeks to have a quiet and calm house, without any expectations. Just get to know him slowly and don’t feel the pressure to be ‘doing’ anything anyone tells you to. Thoughts and prayers mate, as always. Anna xxx

  2. Simon

    15/10/2005 at 4:41 pm

    Hi Anna,

    Great to hear from you on the blog. The news is about to go up on the site, so I hope you’re reading this and seeing the photo in the post above.

    Thanks for the sound advice. You sound like you’re getting a handle on things, but sometimes it just ain’t easy.