It’s Mostly Happening at Flickr

Boy With A Motorbike 1980s

I’ve mostly been updating news over at Flickr lately. Or rather, posting photos to Flickr and possibly including information worth reading underneath them. Time constraints and other things mean that I’m not particularly productive on blog posting of late.

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There will be more soon – I’ll be picking up rhythm again shortly.


  1. Well, this is an oldie! Don’t you think that Nathan has a bit of a look of you when you see yourself a lot younger?

    Bet you fiddled with the gadgets on this!

    Getting over our colds and back to work tomorrow. Love to all Mum

  2. fruey

    18/2/2008 at 12:09 am

    Hi Mum

    Yes, I think there is a resemblance. I’m hoping to post some more photos of me young up on Flickr, they’re scanned in and just need a bit of work cleaning them up.

    Good luck back at work.


  3. Simon!

    I was just thinking about you, wishing that we hadn’t lost touch.

    We’re in Oman – that’s me and Rana, Ibrahim who will be 9 next week, and Ayaat who was born in Saudi, and is now 5. We’re moving to Scotland in the summer.

    I have a novel coming out in June. It’s called The Road from Damascus.

    Congratulations, very belatedly, for Nathan’s birth. Love to Yasmina. And please contact me on

  4. fruey

    25/2/2008 at 11:59 am


    Cool that I finally managed to get back in touch. Many fond memories of chats around a cup of tea & a cigarette. Will email later, busy at work at the moment.