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Physcological Swap

“I’m perpetually exhausted” Joe told his psychiatrist. “Every night I dream I’m driving a truck from Glasgow to Land’s End and in the morning when I wake up I’m dog tired”.

“Beginning tonight then” advised the psychiatrist, “you stop the truck at Carlisle and then I’ll drive it on to Land’s End”.

Later at the bar, the greatly relieved Joe was talking to his friend Jake when Jake remarked “You know, each night I dream I’m being forced to satisfy four beautiful women. Then I wake up and see the wife asleep beside me. It’s doing my head in!”

Joe said “You should try my shrink, he works wonders”

Jake took Joe’s advice but the next time Joe saw him, Jake was in a worse state than ever.

“What happened to you?” asked Joe “Wasn’t my shrink able to help you?”

“Oh, he took away the chicks all right” moaned Jake “but now I have to pick up a damned truck at Carlisle and then drive it all the way to Land’s End!”

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