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Following the Concorde Disaster 2000

Did you hear that one of the concorde pilots asked the other if he was going home after his shift. He said no, he was just going to crash at the hotel…

The European Commission have met and declared that Concorde’s impeccable safety record will stand. The hotel was in the wrong.

Affluent German tourists choose to fly Concorde. They’d not be seen dead on anything else…

So many German tourists. So few concordes….

1. The French Killed more Germans on Tuesday than in 2 world wars

2. How do you fit 100 Germans into a small French hotel? On Concorde!

3. I know that the Germans like to get to the sun-lounges first but isn’t this just a bit ridiculous?

4. Overheard at the Hotelissimo, Gronesse: “Waiter! There’s a Concorde in my soup.”

5. Air France have just introduced a new express service for their premium travellers which guarantees you can be off your plane and in your hotel in all of two minutes.

6. Why is Concorde such good value for money? You get the hotel thrown in.

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