I’ve just uploaded some older photos to Flickr with a wedding theme – having spent a few minutes clicking through my photo archives. With digital photos, you don’t have the same tactile experience compared to thumbing through piles of old photos in a box. But when you find nice photos, at least you can publish them and share them more widely than just with a select few.

I used to take rolls of 35mm film and the easy archival method was just to keep the groups of 24 or 36 photos together in their original packs. With digital photography memory card capacity means that hundreds of photos just get left together in a big “download” folder. Finding the time to sort, better label and organise them is a lot different from buying an album and physically sorting the prints. I’m very behind on my digital organisation!

This picture was taken six years ago, almost to the day, outside the Asnières town hall near Paris, at the wedding of our friends David and Marielle. I wish them a happy sixth wedding anniversary.

Kaftan Girl
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