One Second Film

I stumbled upon this site and found the concept to be particularly innovative. Imagine pitching a film that is just 24 frames long, composed of 12 frames that repeat themselves twice each. The one second film did just that. You can even be a co-producer…

THE 1 SECOND FILM is a 70mm non-profit collaborative film bringing thousands of diverse people around the world together to create film history: ‘The biggest shortest film ever made.’ Virtually anyone can help produce this film by donating $1 or more. Our end-credits are estimated to last 90-minutes and will include a feature-length ‘making of’ documentary. All profits raised by our finished film will benefit the Global Fund for Women.

The fact that proceeds will go to charity makes it all the more worthy.


  1. I can’t decide if this idea tickles me or annoys me….hmmmm…somewhere in the middle perhaps! I can’t imagine watching 90 mins of credits – ack! The making of will be enjoyable I’m sure. heh. 🙂

  2. Simon

    13/5/2006 at 10:10 am

    Hi Carrster!

    I hope the making of is intertwined with the credits in an interesting way, otherwise it will be dead boring.

    The film itself is less interesting than the concept. Getting a community going around the idea and raising money for charity makes it worthwhile. The artistic value of the project is quite good too: collaborative painting, using 70mm film, and coming up with a few interesting concepts in a massive list of producers.

    It’s a little bit like the million dollar home page: it can be done once, and that’s it. 15 minutes of fame.


  3. This particular concept was quite interesting a couple of weeks ago but has become rather boring after several readings! Carrster is another regular reader who may also become fed up with a second, third and perhaps fourth reading!

  4. haha! Yes, I was wondering when there would be a new post. 😉

  5. Simon

    10/6/2006 at 9:20 am

    I haven’t been online much at home at night recently.

    Hopefully normal service will be resumed soon.