Sketch Notes on Design / UX

I love the series of sketch notes from Eva-Lotta Lamm, someone who attends a lot of conferences and makes notes with amazing visual impact.

I could have chosen one of many different images that she has uploaded, but this one is recent, colourful and contains perhaps a few things that are less technical – though you probably need to work in a company with an active website to really “get” the overall message. I’d love to know if you get anything out of reading them if you’re completely outside of web marketing / user experience / web project management.

They’re available as a book and there is a fantastic presentation on how sketch notes work

Do you sketch in meetings while taking notes? Did you realise that it’s a good thing to maintain your attention span? Or that it helps you to memorise what you hear?

User centred Design at XING @ UX Camp Europe
Originally uploaded by evalottchen


  1. I didn’t ‘get’ that one so much, but there was another one about memory which clicked with me straight away. Rob does incredible doodles when he’s in meetings – mainly to help the time pass – they never make any progress in the meeting he goes too…

  2. fruey

    21/6/2011 at 10:15 am

    I think many meetings are made for doodling. Sometimes it really helps to remember the meeting, and sometimes at the very least it hones your line drawing skills. A girl from my team at my last job was such a good doodler she eventually got a book of her doodles published…!

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