Gallargues le Montueux

We had a good break this summer, going all the way to the south of France between Nîmes and Montpellier. The photo is of the view from the back of our residence, looking towards the nearby village Gallargues-le-Montueux.

I had a terrible end to our holidays. I got a major case of tonsilitis and nearly ended up being hospitalised in Montpellier because of it. It started on Tuesday but wasn’t really bad until Wednesday when I saw a local GP who misdiagnosed it as just a “pharangite” or sore throat. I went back to the GP on Thursday looking worse and practically unable to speak, he sent me to a specialist (ENT) who prescribed me strong antibiotics & cortisone. It was touch and go on Friday – after xrays with injections at a clinic and all that – as to whether I got into an ambulance to be operated on (surgically to drain the infection) or whether I’d just pull through on the medication and rest. As you can imagine, this was a major stress since Friday was the day when the decision on hospital had to be made and we were supposed to leave our residence early Saturday morning. It just wasn’t possible to leave Yasmina on her own with Nathan & the car and go to hospital so we had to take a chance.

Finally it all went OK, after a good rest on Friday we drove all the way back with Yasmina on Saturday, who finally jumped in at the deep end and did some motorway driving (first motorway time ever for her, though she’s had a driving licence for 10+ years). What an end to the holidays!