Winter is Here

It’s dropped below 10°C here which means it’s feeling very cold. The heating has been switched on in our flat and cars are already beginning to be frosted if left outside overnight.

The riots have calmed slightly; every night on television the count of burned cars drops, but the figures are still alarmingly high. Gennevilliers, a neighbouring town, has had a share of some of the violence but we are thankfully a little distance from the flashpoints.

Nathan is sleeping 6-7 hour nights. I can put him to bed at midnight and he won’t wake up until 6am. This has happened on most nights over the last week. Most colleagues at work say that we’re very lucky, as he’s only one month old. In fact, he’s one month old today. Happy first month, Nathan. I hope you keep sleeping well in your second month.


  1. You are very lucky, only a month old and already 6 hours of sleep. Leon was much, much older brfore that happened.

    Very cold here in my cordner esat of Paris too. The office had no heating over the 3 day weekend ans it’s freezing !!

  2. Simon

    14/11/2005 at 3:26 pm

    Hi P,

    Well I think Nathan has blessed us with calm nights because he can sense that we need the rest somehow. Perhaps because his mother is very keen on sleeping too, and got a lot of hours sleep during her pregnancy. In any case, I am counting my lucky stars.

    I hope you’re warmer this afternoon in east Paris (you’re probably somewhere around Marne la Vallée no?).


  3. Oh joy, what that 6-7 hours feels like after 2-3 hour stretches…this could be the first big hurdle to allow you all back in to the land of the living…and well wishes for your wife’s continued recovery…that first month or two can be tough…

  4. Simon

    21/11/2005 at 10:16 am

    Hi Allison,

    The land of the living already pulled me back in as soon as I went back to work. Yasmina is still trying to come back to the land of the living though, as she likes lots of sleep. Even with 6 hours, it’s like she hadn’t slept at all for the first 3 waking hours…

    I like the way your new blog look is going. Every time I go over it’s been decorated a little bit more 🙂