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Maya, Rescued Cat

We brought Maya home from the local SPA (French equivalent of the RSPCA, Soci̩t̩ Protectrice des Animaux) after a long time trying to decide which cat to adopt. The only criteria we had were for a sterilised female, because our other cat is male Рwanted to keep a good yin/yang balance.

While we were there, we were disgusted to see a couple leave when they were told there was a contribution to be made on adoption. They thought animals would just be free, failing to make the link that contributing to the upkeep of the animal shelter is important, as is the financial token that the adopters will be responsible with the animal they adopt.

So far she has adapted well to her new life, and is getting on well with everyone.

Maya, Rescued Cat
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Chemotherapy for Cats

Suzie the cat, Bandaged after Operation

I took Suzie for her second injection at the vets this week. After her operation, which went well, she was bandaged for ten days, as you can see in the photo. It makes it look like she’s wearing a t-shirt :-D.

We adopted Suzie from the street. A friend of ours in Morocco lived in a block of flats nearby, and had looked after a litter of kittens born in the street. Suzie was one of those kittens. She stayed with us for our time in Morocco, and came to France with me in a cat carrier (along with Chico). Chico went in the hold in the plane; Suzie travelled in the space where my legs should have been in front of my seat. That was probably the most unconfortable three hour flight I’ve ever taken.

Suzie is at high risk, statistically speaking, of a recurrence of cancer. The vet proposed that we try radiotherapy but that would mean taking three days a week off work, which isn’t possible. So the alternative treatment is chemotherapy. She’s having a weekly injection and this will reduce to twice a month, then monthly, as time progresses.

Funny how we love our animals so much, but as companions they make a big difference. They’re there when you’re lonely, and when you’re down. They reciprocate the affection we give them, and they don’t bear grudges. I’m definitely a cat person.

Operation Went Well

Suzie is back from the vet, bandaged all around her side and having difficulty walking the poor thing. She should get better gradually though. She”s on anti-inflammatories and antibiotics. The tissue sample has been sent off to the lab, and until it gets back we can only hope the results show that it”s benign and she”ll be fine. Otherwise, she may have recurrent problems which is serious, because radiotherapy would be the only solution :-(.

For now at least, she”s comfortable and back home. Thanks to all of you who commented on the last post.

Suzie in for Operation

Suzie, the Black Furry Cat

I took Suzie to the vet on Monday because she has a lump on her side near her front leg. The vet said it will need removing, and so she’s at the vet’s surgery right now. She’ll need an X-ray and blood tests to find out if she’s OK for a general anaesthetic, and then if all is well the lump will be removed this afternoon.

The removed growth will go to the lab for testing. I’m hoping that it’s benign, because malignant cancer growths are the main cause of death in cats and Suzie has been with us ever since we moved in together over five years ago. Best of luck with the operation, Suzie.

Baby Shopping


Today I spent most of the day shopping. First of all in Géant Casino the local hypermarket, where the mission was to buy a cot and mattress for the nursery. We also ended up with a water thermometer, a baby bath, some sheets for the bed and more baby clothes. That combined with the regular shopping meant it was quite a job carrying it all back up to the flat. Some neighbours arrived back at the same time as us and surprised us both by stopping to offer us a hand. Usually just a “hello” is all we get. I suppose Yasmina being pregnant forces people to think a little more about being helpful.

After lunch, a trip out to IKEA for a chest of drawers with a special fold-down top which leaves a space for changing the baby. Any time we go there there are extras which appear in the shopping trolley… and today was no exception. Also came a special baby change mat and a baby towel. At the till, the cashier asked an old woman in front of us to let us pass through first. She didn’t want to, which rather proves that sadly not all people think more about being helpful. The cashier was quite upset about it, but she had her own selfish reasons for that – she let on that her boss would be cross with her because company policy is to prioritise the tills for pregnant women and those with young children.

By now you may be asking yourself what the cat has to do with all this. Well, he’s the boy of the household at the moment, and a right mischief. He’s pictured under the desk at which I am currently typing, sat on top of the PC and making sure he misses nothing by pulling down the piece of material which was put there in order to keep him off the machine in theory. That really worked. His place as leading mischief maker is in jeopardy every day we get closer to the day when the new boy will be at home!