Maya, Rescued Cat

We brought Maya home from the local SPA (French equivalent of the RSPCA, Soci̩t̩ Protectrice des Animaux) after a long time trying to decide which cat to adopt. The only criteria we had were for a sterilised female, because our other cat is male Рwanted to keep a good yin/yang balance.

While we were there, we were disgusted to see a couple leave when they were told there was a contribution to be made on adoption. They thought animals would just be free, failing to make the link that contributing to the upkeep of the animal shelter is important, as is the financial token that the adopters will be responsible with the animal they adopt.

So far she has adapted well to her new life, and is getting on well with everyone.

Maya, Rescued Cat
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  1. Commy Frenchies.

  2. Thanks for sharing Ò¯our tÒ»oughts on music.


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