Suzie in for Operation

Suzie, the Black Furry Cat

I took Suzie to the vet on Monday because she has a lump on her side near her front leg. The vet said it will need removing, and so she’s at the vet’s surgery right now. She’ll need an X-ray and blood tests to find out if she’s OK for a general anaesthetic, and then if all is well the lump will be removed this afternoon.

The removed growth will go to the lab for testing. I’m hoping that it’s benign, because malignant cancer growths are the main cause of death in cats and Suzie has been with us ever since we moved in together over five years ago. Best of luck with the operation, Suzie.


  1. All the best to Suzie. Keep us posted on how she’s doing. 🙂

  2. We’ll send good surgery wished over the miles to your kitty…and, I’m stealing your quote on the “perfection” at the top of your page to email over to my husband at his office, who is a designer, and knows this to be very very true.

  3. What a very handsome cat. Our family used to have a very similar-looking pet, albeit with mostly cream fur, and the chocolate face – we named him Truffle…
    Best wishes Suzie, get well and then even well-er soon…

  4. Simon

    22/12/2005 at 12:22 pm

    Hello Allison, Carrster, Aidan,

    Thanks for your wellwishes. The operation went OK, so the blood test and X-ray must have not shown up anything serious. We’re picking her up tonight from the vets. We won’t get the histology (analysis) report back for 12 days as it has to go into culture or something. So we’ll be on tenterhooks for a while.

    Christmas is looking like it’ll be spent looking after Nathan (a little ill with Bronchiolitus, more on that soon) and Suzie (post op changing dressings). On the bright side, Mum is here and will be making and English Christmas dinner for us :-D.


  5. Simon

    22/12/2005 at 12:26 pm


    I’ve collected jokes and quotes from email and the web for a long time, and they’re all in the database that runs this site now.

    As for the quote on perfection (I think you mean the one from Saint Exupéry): I really like that quote. In fact, the quotes are random so if you keep refreshing the page you’ll have about 5-10 minutes worth of wisdom (depending on your connection speed). There are also random one-liner jokes in the footer of each page (some quite crude), and did you know the joke database link on the sidebar leads to hundreds of longer jokes by category?


  6. Hope everything works out okay with Suzie… she’s an exact double of Lola, our cat, as it happens, although older.

    Have a great Christmas.

  7. Simon

    23/12/2005 at 12:55 pm

    Hi WDKY,

    Thanks for your wishes. Suzie’s very interested to see a picture of Lola, do you have one on your site?

    Have a great Christmas,