Thumbnail of old WordPress CMS back office look

The first proper post on this blog, discounting some emails about the Tour de France fantasy game which I converted to blog format, was Reading For Free back in late July 2005. I started the blog on WordPress and am still running it (back then it was version 1.2 and then 1.5). I created my own theme in September with help from Urban Giraffe and have modified it a bit since then, adding widget support (very late on that one, but didn’t need it before), tweets in the sidebar, and most recently a mobile version.

I have just upgraded to the latest version (3.1). The dashboard and back office looks cleaner, and has come a long way from the way it used to look. Sadly my post frequency average is only about 2 posts a month, which means my audience is still very limited. If you can’t post at least once a day, you’ll never build up readership – though once you have your readers, you might be able to diversify and post regularly but not necessarily to the same blog. I’ve spent five years hoping I could find more time to say more, still hoping.