Mobile version pictured

With more and more people browsing on iPhones, BlackBerrys and so on, I thought it would be useful to work out how WordPress can render blog posts for mobile screens. I’ve been annoyed on my recent Samsung Corby Pro phone at just how hard it is to read the web properly. A lot of fixed width columns here and there mean that you cannot find a satisfactory level of zoom to read them.

I have just activated a plugin pack – the WordPress Mobile Pack – to test browsing this blog on mobile phones. Basically the site now detects whether you’re on a mobile device or not, and if you are then an alternative theme is served. The mobile version is optimised for small screens and – from my tests – is much easier to read at a reasonable text size. You can comment from mobiles too, and it seems even the WordPress admin screens might work. I will need to customise the theme a bit more to match better with the desktop blog theme which I developed myself. [EDIT: this is now done]

Let me know if you’re reading on a mobile device, would love to have your feedback.