Gran’s 5 Questions via a Knee

I believe this game was invented by Gran’s on Bran. I found it on Knee. Usually a blog about having complex knee surgery, it’s also part of the Blog Explosioncommunity” and as such gets drawn into these blog trends as do I. But why not, it’s fun!


  • If you want to participate, leave a comment below saying “Interview me.â€Â? (â€Â?Tickle meâ€Â? or “Caress meâ€Â? are not acceptable substitutes.) You must leave your blog address so I can think of good questions for you!
  • I will respond by asking you five questions – each person’s will be different. I’ll post the questions in the comments section of this post.
  • You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
  • You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post.
  • When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Bentley92 asks, having prefaced his questions “Thankfully you gave me a lot to work with. I hope you enjoy the questions and it makes you think a bit (but not too much).” :

1. Why do you love cats or what made you a cat person (I’m personally a dog guy)?
I like dogs too, I just couldn’t keep a dog because my wife and I both work and it’s unfair to keep a mutt in an apartment all day. I grew up with cats and dogs, always loved having animal company.

2. What brought you to France and how long do you plan on staying there?
I didn’t speak any French until I got to senior school (high school). I did well in French and went on to do a French degree at university. Part of the degree course was a year in France, and I lived there for 8 months. Then I went back to England, but ended up in Morocco (long story for another post). In Morocco I got married and my wife and I decided that we wanted to be in Europe, and France was a better for our employment chances. It’s also cheaper to live in France compared to the UK and house prices are much more reasonable, so we bought a flat here and intend staying pretty much indefinitely. I hope to expand on things about France (especially the idiosyncratic differences in daily life) from time to time on this blog.

3. Was it a hard decision to find out the sex of your child before the birth? I have twin boys, didn’t find out what they were till they were born.
At the scan where we were able to find out the sex, we both agreed that we wanted to know. It was a natural decision, I think that waiting for the surprise would have been difficult for us both, we are too curious.

4. As an Englishman, do the English follow the Tour de France as much as the French and who did you pull for?
I don’t think the English follow the tour like the French do, but it does get reasonable coverage on English TV. I am a fan of Vinokourov, but I like seeing Armstrong in the mountains and generally the battles between the top riders. Being in France allows me to follow the tour every day, and I take part in a fantasy cycling game with some friends which you can read in the Tour de France category. It keeps the interest going every day and encourages some friendly rivalry.

5. Where do you get your interest in science?
I’m interested in most things. Computers, sport, cars, movies, science, technology, music (I play keyboards and guitar) and I read a lot online and offline. I read a lot of history, philosophy and fiction in general. I’ve been keen on science fiction recently, see the post “reading for free”. I’ll probably review Accelerando in an upcoming post, I finished it a few days ago. Science is such a wide subject and with so many fascinating discoveries and advancements made all the time, I feel compelled to follow the science and IT news to keep up to date with it all.

Thanks for the interesting questions Bentley, I’m keen to see how the surgery goes so I’ll check in from time to time. Good luck!


  1. Great answers. I hope you enjoyed it. The hard part now is when someone asks you to interview them!

  2. vous etes enceinte ????? coooooool…

  3. Simon

    22/9/2005 at 8:02 pm

    Merci JM !

    C’est pour bientôt en plus… d’ici 2-3 semaines.