Meta Blogging : Five Interesting Places

While surfing around for inspiration – which I do mostly on other blogs – I am more often than not tempted to post on those blogs, in context, rather than steal an idea and rehash it here. So, rather than write a post of my thoughts today, I thought I’d link to my thoughts in context i.e. on those other blogs. This list also serves a double purpose as it will allow you to follow the home link to some interesting articles to read; it’s well worth checking out the blogs that are linked here.

Five thought provoking blogs I’ve been to this week :

  1. First of all I was caught by an interesting discussion on how the distinction, or separation, of species has caused debate and philosophical difficulty since (at least) Aristotle at The Lyceum. This blog is worth following for its regular philosophical posts. This is (thankfully!) not a collection of personal two-cent philosophy – the blog author has clearly studied philosophy and philosophical enquiry and this shines through in the posts which are make interesting reading.
  2. Onto a blog with rather a different subject : mostly criticism of the current US administration, axed around the war in Iraq, and the economical situation surrounding it. You’ve probably been there before if you’re a Blog Explosion reader : The Martian Anthropologist. Here my reply got lost in a wash of other replies, perhaps because I was saying something that everyone already knows. In any case, a blog worth following whatever your political leanings.
  3. A post on Education, particularly the difficulty cashiers seem to have with giving change, elicited a response from me over at Avatar Briefs. This blog contains posts based around thoughts on varied subjects, a bit like my blog tries to do.
  4. Christopher and Christine pose somewhat rhetorical questions to which they reply from their perspective and these are followed by comments which tend to side with one or the other. I clearly side with Christine on the question of fidelity (I allude to “a contract of trust”) at Chris vs Chris. It’s a favourite of mine and already blogrolled.
  5. Finally, a blog worth a mention even though I haven’t commented there yet : it looks very nice, makes a good use of styles and colours, and is home to my personal “amusing post of the week” tying science with masturbation. Find 21 reasons for manual stimulation at Urban Semiotic. You’ll find a lot of intelligent thought provoking writing there: from what I have read, it’s not all jokes about wanking…

Meta Blogging” – blogging about blogging, but also an abstraction of blogging.


  1. Christopher

    22/8/2005 at 10:37 pm

    Thanks for mentioning us!.. altho siding with Christine is a losing proposition.

  2. Thank you for the compliments. I’m very happy to hear that you are enjoying my blog. I’m having a lot of fun with the Lyceum, and I’m glad to know others are as well.

  3. Thanks for the nice comments and the link…!

  4. Simon

    31/8/2005 at 9:03 am

    You’re all welcome! Credit where credit is due.

  5. Simon – I must add my thanks to the others, and also thank you for leaving a comment on my site.

    Nice summary you did here too, as I’m always interested in checking out blogs that other people recommend.

    I often come across your site, with enjoyment.