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Acting Skills of The Irish

An Irish actor tries to get a part in a play. His agent finally gets him a part but it is only one line – “Hark I hear a cannon.”

He practices the line over and over again, tells his parents and friends he has a part “Hark I hear a cannon”. When he arrives at the theatre the guard asks who he is. ‘I am the one who says “Hark I hear a cannon”‘.

The guard lets him in. Then the makeup people also want to know who he is and he says ‘I am the one who says “Hark I hear a cannon”‘. He eventually gets the cue to go on stage.

The cannon goes off and he says “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?”

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  1. Ariane de Rothschild Says:

    I think some of this data may have been plagiarized, it’s scattered across the internet and other peoples websites, unless you’re the content’s author?

  2. fruey Says:

    I think jokes are in the public domain as far as I can tell. I make no claim of authorship.

  3. mark Says:

    rofl plagiarized jokes… Good 1 roth you made my day :p

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