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Mahatma Ghandi walked barefoot throughout the countryside so much, that his feet became very hard and callused. His diet was sparse, and he was extremely thin as a result. To keep going, he tried to carry a little bit of garlic with him at all times and chew on it for energy and clarity of thought. Thus, Gandhi became known as the...

Super Callused Fragile Mystic Blessed With Hallitosis

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3 Responses to “Random Joke”

  1. Ariane de Rothschild Says:

    I think some of this data may have been plagiarized, it’s scattered across the internet and other peoples websites, unless you’re the content’s author?

  2. fruey Says:

    I think jokes are in the public domain as far as I can tell. I make no claim of authorship.

  3. mark Says:

    rofl plagiarized jokes… Good 1 roth you made my day :p

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