Tour shock : outsider pulls ahead


Here are the results… Incredibly, it appears I have pulled one out of the bag. McEwen’s loss of place due to “illegal sprinting” made this a low points round. Most of us have him in the team, and I think (quick calculation) that Paul would have won the stage if the original result had stood – with McEwen in the second spot in his team, and of course his 3 bonus points for Boonen in his top spot.

Even with a fairly random team, Keir is still holding his own with a random 2 bonus points as well, his 4th placed rider came in 4th (Eisel), something which would not have happened if McEwen had kept his place.

33 Simon White (France)
29 Paul Evans (France)
29 Joost Dantuma (UK)
14 Francis Lee (France)
14 Keir Mitchell (UK)

Team time trial doesn’t count tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Tour shock : outsider pulls ahead”

  1. Joost Dantuma Says:

    I have Boonen way down the list. F*ing Belgian Paedophile, only a bit better than some aging german druggy.

  2. Paul Evans Says:

    so i presume that joost and i have fairly siilar teams ?
    joost – you have boonen No 1 ??