Turning Mars Green


They’re thinking about terraforming Mars. Apparently, molecules which cause a rise in the greenhouse effect could be used on Mars to allow the Martian atmosphere to keep more heat, and hence start to become a haven for life. Octafluoropropane is the gas which could do the trick. Suzie (pictured) thinks that’s all a load of rubbish, since it’s not likely to happen in her lifetime. She’s usually right, but since the research was done by Margarita Marinova, who could be a distant relative of a tennis player, then it could be true.

I’m really tired after battling with the bathroom decoration yesterday and today. It took me a whole day to strip the old wallpaper from the walls, and then there was more stripping, sanding and undercoating to do today. I will have to wait until tomorrow to put the first coat of paint on. It’s single coat, and hopefully one coat will do. Usually when you pull wallpaper off, you have nasty surprises about the state of the walls behind. There was a hidden bonus for me though : I discovered a recessed hole for an electric socket (ready wired and just waiting for the socket itself) that had been papered over. I tested the wires and there’s voltage there. So Yasmina may finally get her electric towel heater since my final argument that there wasn’t a convenient power source is now defeated :-(.


  1. I can’t wait to get started on redecorating my bathroom also. It’s a tiny little closet…but once we start sprucing it up, it’ll be smashing. 😀

  2. Simon

    17/8/2005 at 8:44 am

    Hi Birdie,

    Thanks for stopping by. Our bathroom isn’t that big either, which is lucky because if I’d had a lot more wallspace to strip, I’d still be working on it now!